Thursday, July 4, 2013

Review: I'm in Ice Cream Bliss

Oh-em-gee. I cannot believe after months of searching I finally found the Edy's Salted Caramel Pretzel ice cream that I have been stalking the freezers of Walmart for.

The Food Lion five minutes from my house had it on sale 2/$5.00. I could not get home fast enough to tear into it. Upon first look it doesn't appear that there is that much to write home about. Just a swirl here and there, but upon dipping into the ice cream and first taste? Magic!

There is nothing special about the vanilla ice cream but what really makes this flavor happen are the swirls of caramel and the pieces of pretzel. They are big enough to give you that salty, crunchy satisfaction. It's something about the combination of sweet and salty that makes me feel like I'm indulging in my guilty pleasure. I hate the fact this is a limited edition flavor, but while it's in stores it will definitely be a staple. With 1/2 the calories and 1/3 the fact I don't feel like I'm missing anything.

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