Friday, December 30, 2011

Hungry Girl Sliders

I have heard of these Flatbread Sliders but I was not able to find them. Then one day at my local Walmart I spotted them but for some reason they weren't in the bread aisle but in the bakery. At approximately $2.50 I thought they were a great deal so I grabbed a bag of Classic White. Well let me say I am thoroughly impressed. The serving size is actually 3 pieces but I only used one for my breakfast sandwich which included 2 slices of Oscar Meyer pre-cooked bacon. The taste was a little different but not entirely bad. The texture was a little bit chewy but these will definitely be a staple for me as I continue my Weight Watchers journey.

Nutrition Info

Serving Size 3 pieces

3 pieces, 1 piece

Calories per serving 140, 47
Total Fat 1.5g
Sodium 380mg
Fiber 4g
Total Carbohydrate 26g