Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Sugar-Free Sprite Slurpee

I recently wrote about my love for all frozen treats. With summer here one of my favorite things to do is sit on my deck with a concoction of sugar, flavor and shaved ice. I was elated to find there was a new 7-11 two minutes from my home. That means Slurpees! Even better, they are now offering sugar-free Sprite Slurpees! They are advertised as having 50% fewer calories. I just had to have one so I made the trip - and boy oh boy - I am hooked! It was amazing! When a product is sugar-free there is usually an artificial flavor that it has - not so with this. It tastes naturally sweet and I definitely taste the Sprite. I grabbed a medium but the 8 fl oz has 20 calories. According to the website there are five Lite varieties but my local store does not carry them. I will definitely be picking this up again - very soon.

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