Saturday, August 8, 2015

Review: P3 Portable Protein Pack

Okay so when I say I have a new fav I mean I have a new fav!!  Being in grad school and a working mom it has been such a struggle trying to keep my (somewhat) healthy eating habits intact.
Oscar Meyer hasn't necessarily been known as the healthiest option, but they come through in a pinch. 

These were $1.97 each at Walmart. Each package has about five grilled chicken pieces and a dipping sauce. I only saw the ones with bbq and teriyaki sauce. From my research I found that there was one with light ranch as well. I ended up heating the chicken in the microwave. 
These are actually delicious. The chicken was not too tough and it was extremely well-seasoned. It did have a rubbery texture but it certainly served its purpose. The great thing is right now there are coupons attached where you get $1.00 off when you buy two. These are perfect in a pinch and I'll definitely be buying them again.

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