Thursday, September 25, 2014

Marketside's Yogurt Parfait with Diced Apples

I think I found my new guilty pleasure. While perusing the aisles at Walmart I ran across a tasty looking treat. The combination of vanilla yogurt, apples and sweetened granola just sounded like it tasted amazing! Plus it was a big serving that could be divided if I so desired. I shelled out the $2.74 for this dairy delight and I must say I am beyond impressed! The yogurt was just the right creaminess and mixed with the tart apples and sweet granola it was seriously addictive. Any one of the toppings could be eaten separately but something about that combination mad me feel like I was being a bad, yet slightly healthy girl. Now I will say that the 330 calories seems high for me to eat in one sitting but I usually save this for a day I lifted my heavy weights and I don't feel live I've really fallen off of the wagon. There was one week where I purchased one every day but I have since scaled back. I saw today that they now have a pineapple parfait, but I'm going to stick with the apple.

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