Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ice cream, ice cream.....

I literally eat ice cream every day - 7 days a week. It's not the best thing I know but ice cream is truly one of my weaknesses. While making my regular trip to Walmart I happened to find these ice cream toppings. There was cookies 'n cream and mini chocolate chip. I had to be slick and take a picture since there were two workers right by me so it's not the best angle. These are not yet on Keebler's website and I don't have any nutritional information, but I do remember from glancing at them that they were fairly low in calorie and fat content. Each bag was $2.00 which isn't bad but I'm not sure if you could get a better deal just buying the bags of cookies and crumbling them up yourself. If I could get a hold of a coupon I would definitely try these.

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