Monday, July 14, 2008

Surprisingly Delicious!!

I don't like fig newtons. The texture, the taste just was never appealing to me. My sister actually suggested I try the Newtons Fruit Crisps and assured me I would like them. So on my next trip to Walmart I happened to find them. I had a choice between Mixed Berry and Apple Cinnamon and I chose the latter. They were so tasty! The outside was crispy with a sugar like sprinkling. The filling was apple but I didn't taste cinnamon, or maybe that was cinnamon on the outside. They kind of reminded me of a poptart or an apple pie from McDonlald's. Well a low fat/low calorie version anyway. You get two crisps in the pack so you feel like you're getting a real treat! [b]Nutrition Information: Calories - 100, Total Fat - 2g, Dietary Fiber - 0g, Sodium - 90g[/b] (photo courtesy of

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